Fraud, Help & Support

Scams and fraudulent activity

We are aware of fraudsters impersonating Polar Capital in an attempt to obtain personal information that could result in financial loss to victims. Scams take many forms, including those involving phishing emails and cold calls as well as fake websites.

Some websites, such as, are fraudulent websites and are also not related to Polar Capital. Our employees have also been impersonated in fraudulent activity.

An example of individuals operating as Clone Firms of Polar Capital is provided here.

There is an increase in the frequency and sophistication of investment scams and there may be other fraudulent websites impersonating Polar Capital and its related companies.

Please note that Polar Capital would never make any unsolicited telephone calls to shareholders, ask for bank account details or ask you to transfer money as we are not authorised to deal with retail investors or receive client money. Any emails from Polar Capital will have the email address or

It is important to be alert to any communications – letters, emails, phone calls, text messages – that involve you parting with money or handing over sensitive personal information. Scammers can appear professional and trustworthy, and often misuse a company’s information, including staff names, so even experienced investors may fall victim to these schemes.

If you have any concerns about or wish to report suspected fraudulent activity linked to Polar Capital or any of our products or companies, you can do so by emailing us on Or alternatively you can contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or online at

Further information on how to protect yourself can be found on the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) website:

If you need help

Information about Polar Capital and our products and services can be found on our website. For anyone who can’t access or find the information they require, our Client Services team, who can be contacted on 020 7227 2700 or via, will be happy to help.

Accessing our website

At Polar Capital we are committed to making our websites usable by all people, whatever their abilities, technology or preferences. We actively work to increase the accessibility and usability of our websites and, in doing so, endeavour to adhere to accessibility guidelines such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) with the following features:

  • Support for iOS and Android accessibility features. Regular reviews are conducted to ensure that the websites meet any new requirements.
  • Compatibility with all major screen-reader software. We test using inbuilt screen-readers within Mac OS and Windows operating systems.
  • Colour contrast meets WCAG 2.1 guidelines. Any newly designed components will adhere to these guidelines.
  • Browser zoom support, without loss of information; Our pages are built to be fully responsive.

Our goal of continuous improvement means that we regularly review pages and documents to upgrade any content.

Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) Files

If you are using assistive technologies and are unable to access the contents of PDF documents, Adobe Systems, Inc., provides a free translation service through their Adobe Access web pages which will translate PDF files to web pages (HTML documents).

For pages that are not viewed directly from the internet, Adobe Access has a free downloadable accessibility plug-in for use with the latest versions of the Adobe Acrobat Reader for virtually all operating systems. This plug-in allows access to PDF documents with assistive technologies. Please visit the Adobe Access web site for further information.

Browser compatibility

These pages are designed for modern web browsers but should be accessible in the majority of browsers. This includes simple text browsers and adaptive browsers. The pages may not appear the same in old browsers or browsers that do not follow internet standards, though the information should still be accessible apart from Internet Explorer which is no longer supported.

Bereavement and deceased investors

We recognise that bereavement is a difficult time for all involved and as such, we endeavour to make the process regarding a deceased investor’s assets as smooth as possible. We do however need to safeguard the person’s assets and ensure they are processed in-line with their wishes. As such, there is a process and various checks that need to be performed before any monies are released. Please contact Steve Woods, Head of Client Services, should you require any assistance.