Who We Are

Polar Capital is a specialist, investment-led, active fund manager

The company prides itself on its collegiate and meritocratic culture where capacity of investment strategies is managed to enhance and protect performance. Since its foundation in 2001, it has grown steadily and currently has 13 autonomous investment teams managing specialist, active and capacity constrained portfolios, with combined AUM of £23.5 billion (as at 30 June 2024).

AUM (30.06.24)
Investment Teams

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Polar Capital is an investment-led, integrated multi-boutique that is a boutique itself. It is a specialist active fund management business whose culture is characterised as meritocratic and collaborative. The real strength of Polar Capital is its specialist, focussed investment teams who have their own autonomous investment process and philosophy.

An Introduction to Polar Capital

Gavin Rochussen has been the CEO at Polar Capital since July 2017 when he took over from Tim Woolley, a co-founder of the business alongside Brian Ashford-Russell. He explains here what Polar Capital stands for, what it offers investors and the types of fund its investment teams run.

The key driver is the belief that if funds perform well, then they will attract investors which is why Polar Capital is all about performance not asset gathering. Gavin explains that the business is structured to allow the investment teams to focus on their portfolios while a best-in-class operational structure works on everything else.

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Investment Teams

Polar Capital has a growing number of autonomous investment teams running a range of actively managed funds. They run predominantly equity funds that cover single country, regional and global mandates as well as specialist thematic funds in the technology, healthcare and financial sectors.

Our Teams