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Polar Capital is a specialist, investment-led, active fund manager who strives to be an investment leader.

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Polar Capital Holdings: Quarterly AuM update

AuM to the quarter ending 30 June 2024 was £23.5bn, an increase of 7% from the previous quarter. There has been continued demand for and inflows into a broad range of our strategies, in particular our Emerging Market Stars Fund which has also received recognition across the quarter. This includes winning the Emerging Markets Manager of the Year Award in the European Pensions Awards 2024 and the Emerging Markets Stars US 40 Act mutual fund being upgraded by Morningstar from a Bronze to a Silver rating.


Artificial Intelligence Fund

Invest in era-defining technology

Artificial Intelligence is not all hype - it's a theme the Polar Capital Global Technology Team have been excited about for a long time. The Polar Capital Artificial Intelligence Fund was launched in 2017.


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A research-driven investment management company

We provide a highly entrepreneurial environment for outstanding portfolio managers within a structure that offers a level of marketing, administrative and operational support normally found in much larger organisations.

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Protect Against Fraud

Instances of criminals defrauding customers of financial institutions have unfortunately increased. We need to be vigilant to prevent fraud – this means recognising what scams look like and protecting ourselves.

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