The dawn of a new technology

With the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, artificial intelligence (AI) exploded into the public conscience. The excitement around AI has been palpable and has driven much of the rebound in technology stocks this year, but what does AI actually mean for investors?

Here, the Polar Capital Global Technology Team explore how significant a breakthrough AI has achieved this year, as well as the true extent of the impact it could have on global economies and society.

Artificial Intelligence: Investing in era-defining technology

Artificial intelligence is not all hype – it’s a theme the Polar Capital Global Technology Team have been excited about for a long time. The Polar Capital Artificial Intelligence Fund was launched in 2017, anticipating its potential to become the next general-purpose technology, like the internet or the smart phone. They believed AI would go mainstream; they just didn’t know when.

The team believe that ChatGPT and generative AI represents that mainstream moment. Hear more from them on how they expect AI to prove very disruptive, very quickly across a range of industries, and the opportunities that could create.


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