Sustainability is creating new opportunities – out of necessity

As we live beyond our planetary means, using 74% more resources than the Earth can regenerate each year, our natural world is being placed under ever increasing strain.

This is a global problem requiring innovative solutions. But building a more sustainable world brings big opportunities too. Companies able to position themselves as solution providers for the transition to future connectivity, mobility, renewables, green materials and smart cities are at the forefront of this revolution, as we adapt for the future prosperity of our planet.

By focusing on companies leading the global shift to a more sustainable world, the Polar Capital Emerging Market Stars Fund seeks to generate long-term, responsible returns by investing in tomorrow’s stars.

The day when we have used up the natural resourcesthe planet is able to regenerate for the year*Includes LULUCF and reflects high end of emission reduction pledges**UK recently announced a new target pledging to cut GHG emissions by 78% by 2035 relative to 1990 levels.Source: Rhodium Group, Carbon Action Tracker, Credit Suisse research.Source: Economist Intelligence Unit; information purposes only. Some information contained herein has been obtained from third party source and has not been independently verified by Polar Capital.This material is not intended to provide advice of any of kind. All opinions and estimates constitute the best judgement of Polar Capital as of the date hereof, but are subjectto change without notice, and do not necessarily represent the views of Polar Capital, and may not be achieved.Source: National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts 2021 Edition. Data.footprintnetwork,org. Earth Overshoot Day 2020calculation reflects the initial drop in resource use in the first half of the year due to the pandemic-induced lockdowns.All other years assume a constant rate of resource use through the year.Source:, China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA), Rhodium Group, Carbon Action Tracker, Credit Suisse research.7.6%p.a.1 Earth1.7 Earths$1trnGreenhouse gases (GHG):reductiontargets by2030*v1990v2005UK**-68%-63%-55%-51%-43%-52%-40%-40%-41%-27%-26%-26%-45%-44%EUUSAJapanIcelandCanadaAustraliaCO2To makethis moretangible:This energytransitionrepresentsa big risk andopportunityDecNovOctSepAugJulJunMayAprMarFebJan197020211tonnex500fireextinguishersEarth Overshoot Day has been getting earlier and earlierWe are using 74% more resources than we can regenerateeach year – or 1.7 Earths UN has announced that 2021-2030 is the decade of ecosystem restoration$1trn annual spending gap required to reverse the damageEVs have amultiplier effectfor powersemiconductordemand, drivingopportunity Millennialsare drivingchange acrossall sectorsCreating vastopportunities aswe transition to amore sustainableworldJobsVehiclesImprovedwellbeingSustainablefoodInvestmentpotentialOur world is running outof resources faster than everEarth Overshoot Day 29 July 2021Rate at which carbon emissions must be reducedover the next decade to reach Paris Agreement levelsA global problem requiring innovative solutions131countries73%of globalemissionsNet Zeropoliciesnow have23%from 1yr agoan increase ofWe are living beyond our planetary means,using more resources than we can replenishChina is undergoing the biggest transitionChinarepresentsof globalemissions30%of worldscoal consumption50%However,China isthe largestconsumer, producerand investor inrenewablesControllingof globalsolar capacity80%Makingof globalwind turbines45%Boastsof new energyvehicle sales40%H2Greenhydrogen,zero emissionenergy sourceby 202510%5%by 203015%Chinas energy mix:Solar and windaccount for...There are more than 450 million Chinese millennialsGlobally, millennials account for 30% of the world's populationAnd 50% of the global workforce – rising to 70% in 5 yearsMillennials are driving change93%ofmillennials willonly invest invehicles thatdo not doharmversus23%for babyboomers87%believe companiesshould addressurgent social andenvironmentalissues

Emerging markets: Advancing the global sustainability agenda

Watch Jorry Nøddekær, lead manager of the Polar Capital Emerging Market Stars Fund, discuss how emerging markets are playing an increasingly important role in advancing the global sustainability agenda.

From innovative players in the supply chain that are enabling transition technologies, through to businesses leading efforts to achieve net-zero emissions, emerging markets are home to many companies fast becoming global leaders in sustainability.

With this comes enormous opportunities for investors. Jorry also addresses the myth that sustainable investing results in less alpha, while highlighting the long-term structural trends within emerging markets that will result in continued growth opportunities, and help investors achieve responsible returns.

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